Overpopulation and Sustainable Life

Since the end of nineteenth century, the world’s population has reached six billion people. Population in the world has increased significantly for over 180 years. Some experts argue that overpopulation has been occurring in the world and caused many fundamental problems. But others reject this opinion. In this essay, I will argue that overpopulation causes fundamental and basic problem facing humanity today. There are two main reasons supporting this contention, and the main objection to it can be rebutted.

The first reason is that Overpopulation contributes to environmental destruction. This reason is based on the claim that Ninety-seven percent of rainforests have been destroyed in the last 50 years. In fact, the area of tropical rainforests fell substantially. This is because people cutting down the trees and conversing the forests for farming and residential purposes.

The second reason to think that Overpopulation causes fundamental and basic problem facing humanity today is that Overpopulation leads to poverty, starvation, overcrowding. This is because the number of people in the world who do not have adequate food, clothing, shelter, and basic medical care and education is increasing. For example, Bangladesh, one of the countries that have higher population-and-spacious ratio, has more than half of the people living in poverty. This is because Bangladesh does not have sufficient area for people to live on. So the population of Bangladesh tends to be very crowded together.

On the other hand, a consideration against the idea that Overpopulation causes fundamental and basic problem facing humanity today is that some countries which have overpopulation provide sufficient foods and clean water. Research found that the production of foods in the world fulfill to cover for 7,5 billion people. This objection is not convincing, however, because distributing of foods and clean water is inappropriate. For example, Indonesia is the fourth largest population in the world and produces some kind of foods. But in some areas, such as Nusa Tenggara Timur, Maluku Islands and Papua, most of the people still live in poverty and starvation.

Based on this reasoning it is clear that Overpopulation causes fundamental and basic problem facing humanity today. Furthermore, it is important for us to control the number of population and provide sufficient foods, water and many infrastructure facilities to support our life without destroy our planet.


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